Sailor Moon x Isetan 2016 Collaboration Line-Up

Hey fellow Moonies! Ready to spend some hard-earned cash on your fandom? Haha! It was announced earlier this year that Sailor Moon and famous Japan shopping site, Isetan, will have a 2nd (2nd?!) collaboration with designer brands to make more Sailor Moon fashion goods available to all fans! Yay! (No yay from my wallet! LOL!)

Here’s the line-up of brands and goods so far!

Are you guys ready? Haha!

As usual, we have a bunch of brands that are coming together to join in on the Sailor Moon hype. Some of the brands you can find are Anna Sui, Baby-G, Samantha Vega, Samantha Tiara, Honey Bunch Mutual, Riccimie, Narue, Paul & Joe Sister, Pink House Chelsea, and Samantha Thavasa Sweets.



You can also check out their Isetan Catalogue HERE:



Of course, these items will be made available in Japan through their special in-store event. So, for those who are in Japan, better get ready to fight your way through a crowd of Sailor Moon fanatics, haha! The events will happen in three locations within March – April 2016, here are the details:

Tokyo (March 16 – 22)
Location: Shinjuku Store Main Building 2F = Center Park (this location will end on the 21st)

Nagoya (March 30 – April 5)
Location: Nagoya Building Owners and Managers Isetan House (ISETAN HAUS), B1 floor concept shop and second floors promotion space

Osaka (April 4 to 14)
Location: 4th Floor Isetan Rukua Ihre Isetan

The type of clothing kind of goes against my personal style because it’s more pastel and baby colors. I am really enamored by that gorgeous galaxy skirt though. Ugh. :))

Photos: Official Sailor Moon Website

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