Squenix Announces World of Final Fantasy Collector’s Edition

As if we don’t have so many CEs running around in our universe right now, LOL. Square Enix has recently announced a Collector’s Edition for their upcoming PS4 game, World of Final Fantasy.

This time, we’re not given a run-of-the-mill CE, mind you. We’re getting a POP-UP BOOK!! GAHD. Squenix really knows how to tickle my fancy, huhu.


For a whopping $119.99, you get the game, a special 80-page hardback artbook, the original OST, and (MY FAVORITE) a set of three mini-figures of Cloud, Squall, and Lightning.

You’ll also get extra digital content which includes a Sephiroth summon, a White Chocobo Mirage, a Glow Moogle Mirage, a Red Tonberry Mirage, and a bonus DLC of the Japanese VO of the game, so you can play the game with Japanese audio! Sometimes it’s better that way, IMHO.

The CE is available in the Square Enix NA online store, but there’s only one order per customer allowed, so, you know, people can’t sell it off on eBay for ripped off prices, LOL. Anyhoo, I’m still on the fence on this one but I’m really interested. It would make for a great unboxing video, LOL.

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