Squenix Reveals FFXIV Packaging Art for the West

This may not be relevant for other people but I’m a self-confessed Square Enix whore. So. We’ve got a full look at the packaging art that’s going to be released for the West, check it out!

The entirety of the Final Fantasy XV artwork was actually revealed at the Square Enix Blog by Mat Kishimoto who is currently part of the Marketing Team for Square Enix America. He wrote a cute little FAQ and Q&A which you can read over HERE.

So, without any further delay, here is the artwork in its case form and in full layout! 🙂



Now my question is, what are those giant shadowy figures in the background? They look kind of menacing and scary. I feel that they’ll probably play some key role in the game. But the question is, what?

I figure that they’re big bosses that you have to face eventually (I’m getting this idea based on how the Platinum Demo went) or a form of summon that you have to defeat in order to obtain ala Espers from Final Fantasy 12. But who knows! What do you think? Well, we’ll find out this September 30, 2016!

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