Discover Magic in New Tears of Themis Snowfallen Secrets Limited-Time Event

Right after Luke’s special day, Tears of Themis is having a special time-limited December event called Snowfallen Secrets!

The event will involve a series of specific tasks that players need to complete to get rewards!

Tears of Themis “Snowfallen Secrets” Limited-Time Event

tears of themis snowfallen secrets limited time event banner

Event Duration: Opens December 12, 2022
Notable Rewards: Event-Limited Badge “Surprise Performance” and the Event-Limited Namecard “Celebration – Snowfallen”

In the Tears of the Themis Snowfallen Secrets limited-time event, attorneys need to complete a series of investigative tasks alongside the four other members of NXX. All of this is needed to uncover the truth behind an accident during the Winter Magic Festival.

Rewards for completing this event include the event-limited badge “Suprise Performance”, the event-limited namecard “Celebration – Snowfallen,” S-Chips, and many more materials.

“House of the Draw” Event

tears of themis snowfallen secrets house of the draw event

Event Duration: Opens December 12, 2022
Notable Rewards: Event-Limited Marius SR “Love Berries” and Artem SR “Masquerade Passion”

When attorneys get tokens from the tasks in the Snowfallen Secrets event, they can use them to flip cards over in the “House of the Draw” event. Doing so will give players a chance to pull the event-limited Marius and Artem SR cards. Other rewards include Tears of Themis card enhancement materials and more.

“Snowfallen Secrets” SSR Cards Rate-Up Event

tears of themis lukewarm fragrance luke pearce ssr

Event Duration: Opens December 12, 2022

Of course, no event will be complete without an SSR card rate-up event! This time, Luke and Vyn are at the forefront with two new SSR cards. The Vyn SSR “Aimed At Your Heart” and Luke SSR “Lukewarm Fragrance” cards will have a higher rate of showing up when you pull on the banner during the event period.

I’ve actually already pulled Vyn, and I have no more S-Chips to spend on Luke. So, bad luck for me. HUHUHU. Oh well, time to save up for more S-Chips. ;3;

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