These RPGs Are IDEK Why I Don’t Have a PlayStation 4 Yet

I honestly don’t know why I still don’t have a PlayStation 4. Okay, so maybe I know but I’ve got a really legit reason, promise! Last February 2015, I splurged on a rig in order to feed my cravings for PC gaming and MMORPGs. Sadly I haven’t been using my rig to its full potential. Huhu.

Part of that reason is also the lack of games that would make me really, really, really, really, REALLY want to purchase the console. Back then there was barely anything that sparked my interest. But later in the year, games kept popping out that’s gotten me piqued and then Squenix had to go and ruin it all for us by announcing an FFVII remake. I mean, come on, that was like game-ageddon! HAHAHA.

Anyway, I’m here to talk about some of the role-playing games that make me wonder why I haven’t gotten a Playstation 4 yet. Hopefully, when I gather enough funds, I’ll actually be able to get the console and play these games that I am excited about.

1. Final Fantasy Type-0


I first heard of FF Type-0 back when it was supposed to come out as just a mobile game. I was super disappointed because that was another FF title that I wouldn’t be able to touch. ūüôĀ But then it got turned into a PSP game, so yay! However, it was only available in Japanese, which was sad. By the time the English patch had come out, I was already way past my PSP phase and was on a gaming hiatus. Sad.

Well, in any case, I haven’t done any of my research when it comes to this game because I like to give Squenix the benefit of the doubt. LOL. I prefer to give them the chance to wow me once again.


The quality of the graphics does not surprise me anymore. It’s something I’ve come to expect from most of Square Enix’s products… or well, from anything in any of the upcoming Final Fantasy lines. What is really getting me curious is the how the story will pan out, how different the game play will be, and how they’ve toughened up the battle system.

(Actually I’m just waiting for Steam to put it on sale so I can get it for my PC, LOL.) Check out the gameplay here:

2. MGSV: Phantom Pain


Albeit already being released, I still haven’t gotten around to getting Phantom Pain. I know it’s also available on the PC but again, I’m a cheapskate and I can wait a while until Steam holds a sale so I can get the game at a cheaper price. Sorry, puritans, this is blasphemy, I know, LOL.

I remember quite well watching my older brother playing MGS in the Playstation. Back then, it didn’t appeal to me because I prefer the in-your-face, let’s-kick-some-ass games rather than sneaky sneaky ones. AND there was no hot appealing woman to play as a character. However, when MGS3 rolled around in the PS3, I decided to give it a chance and it was fun and crazy and all sorts of funky stuff.

I distinctly remember sneaking around with an EZ-Gun, tranquilizing everything for the heck of it, LOL!


Phantom Pain has incredible, very realistic¬†graphics and I heard that they’ve made it open world now so there is a lot to do. Things aren’t as linear anymore. And that’s what makes me want to try this game!

ALSO, also, also, also, hot woman named Quiet who wears a bikini throughout the entire game because she needs to photosynthesize (or breathe?) through her skin. Y/Y?


3. Final Fantasy XV


It would be blasphemy for me if I didn’t put this game on here.¬†Final Fantasy XV has taken ten years to be made. 15 years, even!

Those¬†who purchased Type-0 for the PS4 were able to get an exclusive demo of FFXV and I’m really, totally jealous.


As I mentioned, I prefer giving Squenix the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their games. So I like to keep myself in the dark until I have the game in my hands, ready to play. But this one, I just could not contain myself! I’ve been watching all the trailers and videos, reading up on whatever information that the Internet has on it!

The story seems compelling but a little too political for me (too FFXII) but the graphics! OMG, the graphics! And did you see FF’s video on Chocobos?!

I’m personally stoked and I cannot get over myself. I just want to see this game come to life. And I’m sure that many of us out there are slowly, internally dying waiting anticipation for this game to be released!

4. Persona 5


Persona 3 was what first got me into the Persona fandom. Admittedly I’m not much of a fan of P4, not because of anything about the game, mind you, but just because of personal preference (a simple clarification for all you P4 fans out there).

Sadly P5’s release has been delayed to Summer of 2016. Hopefully we’ll be getting more information in the following months. I am both anxious and excited. The art and the trailers leave us with very few ideas but there is much that reminds me of Persona 3.

Plus the red theme has really gotten my attention.

5. Final Fantasy VII Remake


Ionno about you guys but this is definitely my number 1 reason why I should get myself a PS4. This much awaited, highly anticipated remake that had the whole gaming universe exploding the moment it was announced.

Part of me is just all “Bah, Squenix is just pulling our leg again, let’s see if they really get this one out of their asses.” But I am praying to the highest heavens that this is actually true and that our generation will live to see the day the Final Fantasy VII remake will come to fruition.

Then I can say that my gaming life has come full circle and I can finally put my controllers down and focus on the more important things in life.

… NAHHHHH. ūüôā

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