UNBOXING: Huawei MediaPad T2 7.0

Now y’all know I’m not a techie, but I’ve always had some sick sort of tech envy. I may not want the latest gadgets but there are some items that I’ve been wanting to have in my gadget arsenal! So I’m super thankful that Huawei Philippines went out of their way to give me my own Huawei MediaPad T2 7.0! On to the unboxing!

What I like about this unboxing is that it is simple, no frills. No complications whatsoever and you get what you came for. Hihi.

Housed in a light powder blue box, the MediaPad comes with your standard manual and Micro USB cable charger.

The unit I received is in the color Champagne Gold. And it is PERFECTLY GORGEOUS.

Like seriously, who wouldn’t fall in love with that brilliant metallic sheen, haha!

The right side of the MediaPad also has the power button, volume control button, and the slots for your Micro SD & SIM Card, should you choose to use them. Which I haven’t. I totally should, LOL.

The MediaPad is 4G LTE compatible so you could use it as a phone or to access the internet whenever there isn’t a wi-fi connection available! Super convenient! 🙂

Now, I’m pretty sure you guys will be curious about the actual specs of the gadgets, so here’s a little fact sheet, haha!

The Huawei MediaPad T2 7.0 was actually launched in the Philippines last May 2017 and retails for around Php 7,490.00. Truth be told, I was a little disappointed in the cameras since they’re both only 2MPs both on the front and rear.

However, what I’m floored about is the battery life! I’ve been testing it out for the half month that I’ve had it and I can easily clock in 6-8 hours of mobile gaming on this thing!

I actually downloaded Final Fantasy Brave Exius just to give it a good try, LOL!

On standby though, from a full battery, I can leave it alone for 3-4 days with just minimal browsing and the occasional movie/YouTube watching and still have 15-20% battery life to spare! And that leftover percentage GOES A LONG WAY. LOL.

So, thank you very much Huawei Philippines! You can get your very own Huawei MediaPad T2 7.0 at Huawei Experience Stores and authorized re-sellers nationwide. You can also check them out at their website and Facebook Page.

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