Why You Should Join Project X: The Search for the Next Filipino Superhero

I’ve recently gotten myself into comics. The Jean Grey / Phoenix fan in me couldn’t resist and I’ve been collecting so many hard copies and variant covers, it’s pretty insane.

So it might be a little bit of serendipity when I received an invite to attend the blogger meet-up for Project X: The Search for The New Pinoy Superheroes.

First of all, what is Project X? It’s an interesting little brain child and passion project of a man named Richard Estueta, President of production company, DV Tech Media Corp.

Project X: The Search for the New Pinoy Superheroes aims to give local artists a platform to create the next generation of original Filipino superheroes who represent local culture and values. In doing so, the search doubles as an avenue for recognizing world-class talent that could potentially rival our overseas counterparts.

“We believe that Filipinos have the talent to become Creators. More than what the Pinoy Superhero wears or the powers he or she has, what we’re after is an entry with a well thought of character and story. The search is about finding the next generation of Pinoy superheroes – original character ideas that stand for our unique Filipino values and culture, with a moving story that can gain both local and global fan interest,” shares Estueta.

The mechanics to join are simple and easy. You’re allowed to submit an individual entry or you are free to collaborate with your friends and colleagues to create a singular entry.

Registering can be done online at pinoysuperheroes.com where all interested participants need to submit their entry forms along with the following:
– A two (2)-page treatment with a story arc and synopsis of the original Pinoy superhero character/s
– A two to three-minute video trailer showcasing the character/s and a sample of an action sequence
– An illustration of the design concept for the superhero/es’ costume/s

Submissions must be sent by March 14, 2018 (Wednesday) not later than 6:00 PM. A total of ten (10) participants will then be shortlisted by a group of panelists from the media and comics industry and notified one (1) day after the end of the shortlisting, which happens from March 15 to 17. These finalists will also be announced online at the official ComicCon Asia 2018 and Project X websites and Facebook accounts.

The final judging will be held on March 25, 2018 (Sunday) at ComicCon Asia 2018 located at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City from 10:00 AM onwards.

Now I know and am aware that there are a lot of controversial talks about the convention and the project itself so let me list down a couple of reasons WHY I think you should still join the movement despite all that:

  1. It provides a platform for everyone (all content creators!) to showcase their creative talents, whether you’re an artist, a storyteller, an animator, even a cosplayer! Plus, they highly encourage collaboration with fellow artists who specialize in certain media platforms so you can bring your best creation forward! This is a great idea, imho, because Marvel and DC aren’t one-man teams, you know?
  2. Everyone is free to join, even children, yes! There’s no age limit, however, there is PARENTAL CONSENT needed for minors to join. You also have to be FILIPINO to join this movement but you’re allowed to submit an entry no matter where in the world you’re from.
  3. There is NO DISTINCT THEME, so you can create to your heart’s content! Just keep in mind, though, that they’re searching for the next PINOY superhero. 🙂
  4. If you’re thinking that at the end of the day, the organizers of the project and convention will have SOLE RIGHTS to your content creation, you’re wrong. They clarified at the meet-up that all characters submitted are OWNED by their creators. Though, the organizers do need to be able to use these entries during the EVENT PERIOD and this is included in the terms & conditions that you need to agree to before you join the project, haha! So, no worries there!
  5. Project X is an independent concept, one that puts Filipino talent and creativity at the front line. If you’ve nationalistic pride to showcase or a cause you want to push, this is a great platform to bring your ideas to fruition. 🙂

I think it’s about time for us to have a new generation of Filipino superheroes that we can all relate to. We need to have our own version of Darna, of Lastikman, and the like! AND we have so many talented Filipinos everywhere, servicing big names like Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and DC.

I believe it’s a great idea and you can feel the drive and passion the organizers have for Project X. Who knows, we might just be opening the doors for people who have really just been waiting for this chance.

To know more about Project X, visit their website or follow their Facebook page. 🙂

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