World of Final Fantasy to Launch October 2016 Worldwide

Square Enix recently announced the worldwide release date of World of Final Fantasy, read more to see the latest E3 trailer!

Set in the world of Grimoire, the game revolves around a pair of amnesiac twins and a bunch of iconic Final Fantasy characters. This will be released on the month of October 2016 (25 in North America, 27 in Japan, and 28 in Europe).

You can find out more by watching the trailer below:

The truth is, I’m attracted to everything cute and fluffy. Blame my biology if you want but give me a cute little Cloud Strife or a chibi-fied Squall and I’m sold! HAHAHA!

Game play will apparently make use of Active Time Battle (ATB) but we’ll probably find out more once the release date of the game draws nearer.

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