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I was lucky enough to be able to go to a recent hair & body care event hosted by and Beauty Bar Philippines. Everyone, let’s all welcome Bare (Bare for Bare)! Warning, many photos of giant bottles involved. :))

I was actually pretty late (huhu, traffic) so when I arrived at Beauty Bar Central Square in BGC, everything was already underway! Lucky me though because Liz Lanuzo, EIC of, (and an old friend of mine) was there to tell me about the brand and the products that they carry.




Bare is actually a Singaporean brand that first landed in the Philippines a month or so ago. They have body care & skin care lines consisting of body lotion, body wash, shampoo, and conditioner! They have a HUGE range of variants for each line of products, each targeting a specific skin care or hair care dilemma so the ingredients vary depending on which one you choose to use! 🙂

The shampoo comes in seven (7!!!) variants with their corresponding conditioners. And there are five (5) different variants for their body washes and lotions. That makes up a total of around 24 products!

While I was busy walking around and taking photos, guests were given glass beakers and metal spatulas, and encouraged to “create our own scent” either for a body wash or body lotion.



What’s great about the Bare products is that you can mix and match the different variants from the same product line. So if you fancy some Peppermint body wash with a little hint of Rosemary, you can combine them together! You can also do the same thing with their shampoo in order to target specific hair problems! 🙂

Here’s my personal body lotion mix – heavy Peppermint with a hint of Green Tea and Rosemary, haha!


… I took advantage of their buy 1, get 20% off on the 2nd product, and get a 3rd product for free offer that day. HAHA. I pretty much hoarded their shampoo coz I’m a huge hair product freak. (You should see my bathroom, I have tons of shampoo, conditioner, and hair treatment bottles.)

A 500ml bottle costs around Php 550 across all ranges. I think that’s pretty good deal! 🙂 Packaging is pretty sweet and lux, too. You don’t get that light and cheap material that some bottles have. So you know you’re paying good money for quality products!


I chose their Stinging Nettle (for thin and weak hair) and Sweet Almond (for damaged hair) variants because well, I have weak, thin, and damaged hair. HAHA!

I actually plan (keyword: plan) to review the shampoo in a video blog sometime soon because I just recently started using the Stinging Nettle shampoo (2 days in a row now!) and I’m honestly pleased with the results! So, watch out for it! /crossingfingers

You can check out Bare at their website and Instagram!

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