ESGS 2017: Things I’m Most Excited About!

I am back and right on time, too, because ESGS 2017 is just around the corner! Here’s a few things I’m most excited to see at one of the biggest gaming events in the country! Woohoo!

Last year was really exciting and they definitely amped up the volume for this year’s event! Big name brands are gracing our shores with their presence, bringing in exclusive content (and video game demos, OMG!) that everyone can check out! 🙂

1. Playstation, Ubisoft, and Capcom!

Playstation and Ubisoft are returning this year but Capcom is finally, FINALLY, making its debut! I’m excited to see the video game demos they’ll be showcasing and of course, if they have any exclusive merchandise I can purchase. It’s time to blow off some cash!!! HAHAHA!

On a serious note, I’m curious abut what Capcom is presenting because we all know Monster Hunter World is coming out Jan 2018. AND I CANNOT WAIT. GETTING TO TRY THE DEMO WILL BE DA SHIT.

2. E-Sports Tourneys

ESGS is all about gaming! And when we talk about gaming, we talk about e-sports! Now, I am definitely new to the scene and I’m not the best to answer any questions (I don’t play any e-sports games myself because I’m too competitive and I hate losing, LOL) but ESGS has a lot of exciting tournaments for you to watch out for.

They’ve got fighting games and MOBAs, so be sure to check out the different places located in the event area if there’s a specific competition you want to watch!


No geek and gaming event is complete without cosplay! Sadly my own costume didn’t make it in time (budget and time constraints, huhu) but I AM interested to see what characters we can identify while walking around.

ESGS 2017 will be bringing back its gaming-themed cosplay competition with bigger prizes are on the line. Participants will be evaluated by a panel of judges who are also long-time cosplayers themselves: tech influencer Kang Dupet, freelance events organizer Loki Heart, and World Cosplay Summit Philippines President Tessa. The cosplay competition will be handled by Anime Alliance Philippines and powered by Animax.

4. The Indie Arena!

I think it is every gamer’s dream for their own country to grow and develop their own gaming industry. So I’m glad that ESGS is really putting the spotlight not only on international video game brands but also on local developers as well! 🙂

The independent scene will be given a spotlight as the Indie Arena will highlight some of the current game titles developed by international game devs, while the local indie game developers will have their own area with GDAP’s GameFest station. Here attendees can try out the games and have a chance to chat with the developers and maybe walk away with exclusive freebies!

Aside from hosting local indie game developers, the Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP) will be having their GameFest to promote the academic side of game development. They will also be bringing several academic schools and game development partners in their area to share their specialties to the public. They will also be inviting some of the top developers from different studios for a series of game development talks* where everyone can learn more on concept art, animation, programming and more.

And that’s my ultra-short list! Can you guess who’s teetering with adrenaline and excitement? HAHAHA. I’m 100% sure I’m making another video blog for this event so do watch out for that! In the meantime, have you grabbed your tickets yet? Make sure to visit ESGS at their Facebook Page to find out more! <3

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