Fuji Xerox Philippines Launches 21 New Multifunction Devices and Printers this 2021

Fuji Xerox Philippines Launches 21 New Multifunction Devices and Printers this 2021

Almost a year after being put on lockdown, a lot of people are still adjusting to the pace of having to work from home in the “new normal.” With its consumer’s safety as a priority, Fuji Xerox Philippines has launched 21 multifunctional devices and printers with contactless technology, cloud services and state-of-the-art security.

During the launch event, Fuji Xerox emphasized how these new devices can enhance protection, promote freedom to businesses and add value to users alike through the four-pillared benefits.

Fuji Xerox Philippines Launches 21 New Multifunction Devices and Printers this 2021

360° Data Security

The new products encompass robust measures to ensure protection which ranges from secure scanning to ceasing unauthorized access as well as audit trails to monitor devices in real-time.

Carefree Management

In addition to Fuji Xerox’s service teams and remote support, the new ApeosPort series offer Remote Device Health Check providing predictive device management using data obtained from devices to anticipate and mitigate probable faults, to improve overall device effectiveness and lower unplanned downtime.

End to End Automated Workflow

By seamlessly connecting with a host of solutions, the new Fuji Xerox ApeosPort series support business process automation from archiving digitalized documents to simple distribution.

Borderless Workspace

Fuji Xerox’s mobile solutions and cloud connectivity to be used with the new ApeosPort and DocuPrint series support workstyle changes, providing prints on-the-go while promoting remote working and collaboration.

Fuji Xerox Philippines Launches 21 New Multifunction Devices and Printers this 2021

“For businesses to thrive, workflow efficiency is key,” said Mutsuki Tomono, President & CEO, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. “At Fuji Xerox, we are constantly in the customers’ headspace to add value to their daily processes and unlock their success to move forward quickly. The launch of the new models highlights Fuji Xerox’s commitment to constantly challenge ourselves to innovate and address the evolving needs of businesses, especially during the unprecedented pandemic, to support them for the new norm of working.”

The new models cater to the burgeoning number of companies embracing borderless workspaces, allowing users to connect anytime, anywhere, with a seamless, secure range of cloud enabled printing services. With 78 percent of cloud-based workers stating that the most important capability in devices used for work is the ability to fix issues without losing productivity 2 , the new models will include digital conversion for document automation of business process and advancements in user-friendly interface.

Fuji Xerox’s latest product offerings will boost businesses through its professional service teams, remote support, and Remote Device Health Check offering predictive device management to ensure printer malfunctions are reduced & business momentum is maintained. These new digital devices can be utilized to reinforce businesses for the future model of remote working and address
collaborative team needs, without taking a compromise on security.

For more information, check out the Fuji Xerox Facebook Page.

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