Fun-Filled Weekend with Globe x Cartoon Network

Globe Telecom and Turner celebrated the launch of their Cartoon Network Watch & Play apps with an amazing weekend filled with your favorite Cartoon Network characters! Check out what happened when I dropped by for a visit!

I guess it’s a question you have to ask, but who in our generation isn’t familiar with most of the cartoons from Cartoon Network, right? Dexter’s Lab, Power Puff Girls, even Cow & Chicken, LOL. It definitely brings back memories, haha!

But beyond the shows of the past, it seems Cartoon Network continues to grow by producing other cartoons that the new generation might like, including Ben 10, and my personal favorites – Adventure Time and We Bare Bears. (Yes, yes, I still watch cartoons, okay, LOL.)

The weekend really was full of fun and excitement. Guests were treated to a cool set-up where they can enjoy the various features that the Cartoon Network Watch & Play apps have to offer.




Important Globe & Turner executives were also there to talk about the features of the app, which you can read about below. 🙂



Globe customers will soon be able to log in to the free app using their username and password to unlock an array of value-added services, which includes livestreaming the channel on devices, games and access to full episodes on demand. In addition, Cartoon Network Anything – a unique micro-network that presents short-form content – is now offered as part of the Globe app bundle.


Phil Nelson, Turner’s Managing Director in Southeast Asia, said: “We’re always looking for new ways to connect Cartoon Network fans with our content. This partnership creates a truly unique and enjoyable second-screen brand experience for kids to enjoy and for parents to trust.”

Of course, the weekend would not have been complete without the presence of some of Cartoon Network’s most iconic cartoon heroes, haha! I literally squealed in delight when the Power Puff Girls and Finn & Jake went up on stage, it was both hilarious and heart-warming, LOL!


It was also pretty cool to see Team Kramer there. I super love them, they’re really #FamilyGoals, LOL!


And that was my weekend, guys! The Cartoon Network Watch & Play apps will be available on all iOS and Android devices with a free 30-day trial exclusive to Globe customers, how neat is that! You can also access Cartoon Network Anything via the Globe Switch app.

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