Say Hello To OLED With Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Pro

The seemingly perpetual pandemic lockdown state we find ourselves in has many brands pushing to provide the best equipment for work-from-home set-ups.

Recently, Lenovo Philippines launched the latest in their Yoga line, the Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Pro. But what’s amazing is that the laptop comes with a new OLED Display, and will be upgradeable to the latest next-gen Windows 11 OS.

Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Pro – Features & Price

lenovo yoga slim 7 pro review

Of course, the greatest feature of the Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Pro is that it has the latest Samsung E4 OLED technology built into its 14-inch display. This means it has the capacity of 90 Hz refresh rate, with a 1 ms response time.

We all know that we spend at least 10 hours in a day in front of the screen when working from home, and even after office hours, so it’s amazing to note that the Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Pro OLED display only emits 6.5% blue light in order to not strain your eyesight! Talk about putting customer needs first! XD

The laptop’s hardware is no joking matter either! Interested buyers can choose options up to the AMD Ryzen™ 9 5900HS Mobile Processor, which allows for great performance that can normally be comparable to powerful gaming laptops. For those who work in creatives, content creation, and the like, heavy tasks and running multiple apps will definitely be a breeze!

The Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Pro also keeps things smooth with its 50W thermal design. Paired with the NVIDIA® GeForce® MX450, the cooling system will supposedly keep everything nice and quiet. Though, of course, unless I experience it for myself, I can’t really give you a proper opinion. HEHEHE. XD 

In terms of price, the Yoga Slim 7 Pro is exclusively available in Slate Grey, and is priced at around Php 64,995! What’s more, availing of the laptop will include 3 years of premium care! So, you know, you’re pretty much covered when something happens to your laptop! XD

New Lenovo Go Accessories

Besides unveiling the new Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Pro with OLED display, Lenovo also launched several accessories that aim to help optimize a professional’s work environment. With the whole Lenovo Go Central system, users can customize and control the accessories by using just a single application.

Here is the list of the Lenovo Go accessories:
1. Lenovo Go USB-C Wireless Mouse
2. The Lenovo Go Wireless Vertical Mouse
3. Lenovo Go Wireless Split Keyboard
4. Lenovo Go Wireless Numeric Keypad
5. Lenovo Go USB-C Wireless Charging Kit
6. Lenovo Go Wireless Mobile Power Bank
7. Lenovo Go Wired Speakerphone
8. Lenovo Go Wired ANC Headset and Wireless ANC Headset
9. Lenovo Go ANC In-ear Headphones

Wooh, that’s a looooot! XD Anyway, if there’s anything you’re interested in, you can check them if they’re available in all Lenovo Exclusive Stores, authorized resellers, and the Lazada Lenovo Yoga Flagship Store!

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