Liyab Team Aiming For Podium Finish In Wild Rift ICON Preseason Tournament

The Wild Rift ICON preseason tournament will be starting in a couple of days, and Liyab, the pro esports team of Globe in partnership with Mineski, is aiming to get a podium finish.

Most followers of Liyab and the Wild Rift ICON tourney will know that the team is composed of Nicoli “NICCSU” Montenegro, Miguel “MIGGIE” Banaag, Eric “EXOSEN” Gubatan, Kevin “GAMBIT” Dizon, Lars “3SH” Maniego and Robert “MORAYTABOY” Tan. The boys have recently earned 7th/8th place in the Wild Rift Asia Brawl and Frontier Wild Rift Invitational, where they also received a bronze medal for their efforts.

Now, the team is looking to make it big in the upcoming Wild Rift ICON preseason tournament, where they have to face off with seven other teams. Happening on March 20-21, 2021, the tournament is a single elimination best of five format for the opening round until the semifinals, and the Finals will be a best of seven showdown.

“While the team is relatively new, our participation in the last two tournaments provided us with valuable experience and a glimpse of what our players are capable of in succeeding competitions.  We also noted the adjustments and strategies we need to do to enable the team to compete in the next level. More than a podium finish, we are really aiming to book our place in the main tournament. Hopefully our fans and supporters will rally behind the team to achieve this goal,” said Head Coach Edriane “Eds” Balbalosa.

You can catch more about Liyab and their esports endeavors on their official Facebook Page, and other social media sites such as YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok.

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