Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir’s Cornelius, Get to Know the Pooka Prince

A few weeks back, we were re-introduced to Odin Sphere:Leifthrasir‘s Warrior Princess, Gwendolyn. Now, we’re given a short preview on their new take on the cursed Prince, Cornelius.

The secret love of another main character, Velvet, Cornelius is the Prince of the land of Titania. On his way to a secret rendezvous with her, he was ambushed and then woke up in the Underworld as a Pooka. He is given the Psypher Sword to face his foes and his new adventure to reclaim his human appearance and love of his life.


It is rumored that Cornelius will be wielding lightning powers in Odin Sphere:Leifthrasir. You can check out the official trailer below:

Truth is, Cornelius isn’t one of my favorite characters, though, I must admit, being able to wield the Psypher Sword through him was quite invigorating. Hehe!

To know more about about Odin Sphere:Leifthrasir and the other characters on their official website.

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