Asia-Pacific Predator League Concludes 2020/21 Grand Finals

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After six grueling days, the Asia-Pacific Predator League 2020/2021 Grand Finals finally reached its conclusion and announced the league’s winners. Read on to find out who emerged victorious in the Dota2 and PUBG sub-tournaments!

Predator League Winners

predator league dota 2 winners

The two Predator League Dota 2 winners were Team Veteran from Myanmar and TNC Predator from the Philippines. Team Veteran won the Dota 2 ASIA sub-tournament, while TNC Predator won the Dota 2 APAC sub-tournament. Each team was able to bring home prizes such as the Predator Shield as well as at least 20,000 USD in prizes.

For the 2020/2021 winners of Predator League PUBG, two other teams emerged on top – DWG-KIA from South Korea, and Eagle 365 from
Indonesia. DWG-KIA took the reigns as PUBG ASIA champs, while Eagle 365 was victorious as the PUBG APAC winners.

Intel MVPs from two teams were also declared during the Grand Finals. These were Erin Jasper “Yopaj” Ferrer from Neon Esports and Risky “Chibiritt” Junaidi Putra from Eagle 365, who were recognized for their amazing skill and technique during their team’s matches.

Japan To Host 2022 Grand Finals

predator league 2022

At the end of the tournament, Acer Predator announced that Japan will be the host country of the next Grand Finals. Fans from the Land of the Rising Sun surely cannot wait to have the competitive league hosted on their home soil.

With only 8 months left to prepare, who are you betting on to win as the next Predator League champions? I really hope that the Philippines will win once again!

Find out more about Predator Gaming on their official Facebook page. See you soon! XD

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