Rapoo X260 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo – First Impressions & Mini-Review

Two years into the pandemic and most people are still working from home! If you’re like me, perpetually finding ways to improve your home set-up, you might want to check out the Rapoo X260 wireless keyboard and mouse combo! It even comes in PINK! <3

Here’s the OMGluie First Impressions and Mini-Review of the Rapoo X260 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo in PINK! 🙂

Rapoo X260 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo – Features, Pricing, & Availability

Rapoo X260 Keyboard

Here are the specs for both the Rapoo X260 Keyboard and Mouse:


  • Transmission method: wireless 2.4G
  • Number of keys: 104 keys
  • Power supply mode: 1 AA battery
  • Battery life: about 12 months
  • Product size / weight: 447*131*31mm / about 492g

Rapoo X260 Price


  • Transmission method: wireless 2.4G
  • Working method: optical engine
  • Resolution: 1300DPI
  • Buttons: left button, middle button, right button
  • Wheel direction: two-way
  • Ergonomics: left and right hands
  • Maximum tracking speed: 30inch/s
  • Maximum acceleration: 10G
  • Power supply mode: 1 AA battery
  • Battery life: 12 months
  • Product size / weight: 113*64*30mm / about 59g

Rapoo X260 Mouse

The combo is priced at Php 1,095, which I think is a steal for getting both a mouse and a keyboard. It also comes in other colors such as white or black. Of course the one I was able to try out was in pink, and who doesn’t love pink? XD

The Rapoo X260 set can be purchased at the following stores: Complex Computer Center, Complink Marketing, PCD Software Technology, Inc., Shiritori Ventures, Inc., and Gemtech Electronics Specialized Goods Trading.

First Impressions & Mini-Review

Rapoo X260 Unboxing

Aside from the fact that the keyboard and mouse both come in a trendy shape and color, they actually perform really well. The keyboard keys and mouse clicks are essentially silent, so you if you’re a hard typer like me, you don’t have to worry about making so much noise while working.

They are also both very easy to use, and you only need one dongle to connect both the keyboard and the mouse to your laptop or PC. This saves you USB slots, in case you only have a limited number. In terms of quality, both pieces don’t look and feel cheap, and I’m sure anybody would be impressed by their aesthetic looks.

I think my main gripe with this combo is that you need to eventually grab a replacement set of batteries when you run out. But that can easily be remedied by having rechargeable batteries on-hand. 🙂 What do you think?

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