Reveling in the Art of Scents with Blackwater

Last week was chock full of activities for the blog, haha! I was invited by‘s Liz Lanuzo to take part in a cute gathering to celebrate Blackwater and the art of scents!

The event was held at Puzzles Board Game Lounge! LOL. I didn’t know that there was a board game place in The Fort Strip and to think I’ve been working in the BGC area for quite a time already. Haha!

I’ll be sure to come back and check the place out for ACTUAL board game shenanigans but for now let’s go back to what happened during the event!

We were invited to check out the latest collections of scents that Blackwater has for both men and women.

There was also a series of activities to spice things up a bit and to make it a little more fun and interesting. Instead of just sniffing the different scents, we were encouraged to create a scrapbook page or mood board inspired by our favorite Blackwater scent!

A graphologist was also there to analyze our handwriting!

Sorry, I didn’t take any photos of what I wrote down because my handwriting is m-e-s-s-y, hahaha! But what the graphologist said about me (according to my handwriting) was mostly true. That I’m independent, have a strong personality, can sometimes be moody, but I never let myself stay down for a long time, LOL.

There was a lot more information that he shared and it made me quite curious about the science of handwriting analysis, haha!

Blackwater Brand Manager Ivan Carlo Banez was also there to talk about the brand and its different product lines. He shares, “A good scent will tell others about who you are and what you’re feeling. It’s an olfactory business card.”

Then, it was arts and crafts time! … A lot of my friends know that I’m a little on the competitive side (okay, so, not a little, HAHA) but since this wasn’t a competition, I wanted to let my creative side go all out with whatever materials we were provided, HAHA!

There’s not much of an explanation I can give you because my mood board looks nothing like the Blackwater Gold scent that I felt resonated more with my personality. But you know, the rose-gold tone of the bottle and the sweet scent of the perfume felt more like who I am.

Sometimes the outside doesn’t exactly match the interior BUT it doesn’t mean it can’t be both sweet or quirky at the same time, haha!

All in all, it was an interesting take on how to get someone to talk about scents! I had a lot of fun! Thank you Liz and Blackwater! Until the next time! 🙂

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