Sticker Con MNL Should Happen Every Effin’ Year!

The first ever sticker convention, Sticker Con MNL 2018, just recently happened and I am still nostalgia-tripping from my short but sweet visit! Check out my haul, why I think this event SHOULD happen every year, and WHY I think it is worth a trip!

It has really been so long since the first time I started collecting stickers. I remember being so enamored by the furry ones, the glow-in-the-dark ones, and especially proud of the Sailor Moon holographic set that I asked my older brother to buy for me at the department store. LOL. He only agreed because I think he had a major crush on Sailor Jupiter so I gave him a couple of Makoto ones. :))

Fast forward to the present and I thought sticker collecting had become a thing of my past. Boy, was I proven wrong! For the past year since I started attending conventions more often, stickers had become mini-souvenirs of all the events I go to. Most of the time I purchase fandom stickers (FFXV, Persona 5, Sailor Moon, etc.) or cute cat ones, LOL.

So, you can just imagine how stoked I was that there was a convention happening that was solely dedicated to stickers! I simply had to go! :))

Sticker Con MNL 2018 was held at the Bayanihan Center in Mandaluyong. I think the organizers didn’t expect such a huge crowd because the venue was pretty packed when I got there at 11AM.

Clearly, they have underestimated the type of people who flock to these kinds of events *coughMEcough* because it was super crowded.

It was something I didn’t expect either! I usually go to events like these as early as I can to avoid huge crowds but man, sticker hunting escapades are stresssfullll! LOLOLOL.

Anyway, what I liked the most about the con was that it catered to a whole range of markets! You’ve mostly got fan-related merch:

This photo is dedicated to all my friends who are Doki Doki Club fans, LOL!

But once in a while you find artsy ones and really, really fun ones:

These are from my friend, Tony Tuason’s, booth!
I swear, these food stickers are NOM! Also their presentation was amaziiiiiing! <3

I didn’t stay that long because I’ve got a fear of being stepped on by people so we had an early lunch, did a last round of browsing, and headed home! We didn’t stay to hear all the talks lined up during the day because the venue was too cramped and there was no space to listen to the happenings on stage!

Anyway, just for posterity’s sake, here is my HAUL!!!!

The Howl’s Moving Castle print is from @chichilittle and the Galactic cat sticker sheet is from @theoffbeatcat!

Persona 5 & Boku no Hero Academia sticker sheets from @eribloodberry! 🙂

And finallyyyyy, stickers from (T-B, L-R) : @xelalanana, @love_stationeryph, @chichilittle, and @tonstee! <3

Overall, I really hope that Sticker Con MNL will continue to happen every year! It’s a great way to showcase local artistic talent and also help them earn something through their art! Also, it’s very hard to resist purchasing a couple (or a dozen) stickers when they cost as little as Php 10 each, haha! 🙂

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