The Nationals Season 3 Expands Format To Include Amateurs & Students

The realm of esports is something that I have learned to respect and enjoy watching in the past couple of years. Seeing the country hosting its own esports leagues such as The Nationals is quite exciting, and interesting to see grow.

Now, for its 3rd season, The Nationals is taking it one step further by introducing new tournament formats to include aspiring esports pro players from the amateur and student levels.

Introducing The Nationals Challenger, Academy, & Draft Series

Introducing The Challenger, Academy, & Draft Series

For the 2021 season, The Nationals will now have two additional tournament divisions – the Challenger Series and the Academy Series. The Challenger Series are two stand-alone weekend tournaments open to everyone in the country, regardless of age and gender, and the Academy Series is another stand-alone weekend tournament where only teams and/or players currently enrolled in school can join.

Those who succeed in both the Challenger and Academy Series gets to show off their skills in The Nationals Draft Series, after which players can be drafted and signed as a full-fledged team member of the different The Nationals Franchise teams. With the league’s changes in the minimum number of games per player, any drafted player is guaranteed to see action in the upcoming Pro League.

Tournaments In Tekken 7, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Dota 2, & ??

Tournaments In Tekken 7, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Dota 2, & ??

Like the previous seasons, The Nationals will have four conferences focusing on Tekken 7, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and of course, Dota 2. A fourth conference will happen after the first three are finished, and can be a repeat of the most popular of the three. However, the organization may introduce a new game into the mix, so fans will have to stay tuned to find out.

“As we head over to our third season, we took a look at what we can improve for our players and our fans. We wanted to create a better player ecosystem, which is why we are changing our format into having an inclusive and full path to pro series. With whatever game we have, we are providing a clear opportunity to be a pro player,” says The Nationals Commissioner, Mr. Ren Vitug. “We hope to see you in our games!”

The Nationals Season 3 kicks off with the Tekken 7 Challenger Series happening this March 20, 2021. Registration for the tournament is now ongoing. The Nationals also continues to be available on television on TV5 and Cignal, via One Sports and One Sports+.

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