VGJ Thunder Wins Galaxy Battles II: Emerging Worlds

A few weeks ago, I attended my first ever huge-ass DotA 2 tournament (aka Galaxy Battles II: Emerging Worlds). Here is my experience during the final day of the competition when VGJ Thunder fought for the win against Evil Geniuses!

DotA 2 and the esports scene continue to surprise me. Though I may not be a player myself, I thoroughly enjoy it as a sport!

Galaxy Battles II: Emerging Worlds was held at the Philippine Arena, all the way in Bulacan, and we went during the most important part of the tournament – THE FINALS!

During the entire day, while teams were battling through their matches, we were able to spend a couple of minutes with some of the teams who visited the Philippines for the tournament.

Hearing teams talk about strategy, a little bit about themselves, and whether they liked pineapples on their pizza, is somewhat refreshing from the poker concentrated faces we usually see behind LED-lit monitors, haha!

Tier One Entertainment and their band of talented gamer girls were also there to answer a couple of questions from the media, most of which pertained to the local gaming scene and their roles as representatives of their gender, haha!

Of course at the end of it all, the trophy match and the pot money (of $500,000.00!!! WTF!) is what everyone in the arena came for.

We initially thought we wouldn’t make it ’til the end but VGJ Thunder slew Evil Geniuses at a 3-0 match up, essentially taking home the crown!

I’m always excited and honored to be invited to events like this. I hope that bigger and more tournaments in the esports scene make it to the Philippines in the future, haha!
P.S. Other photos taken by OMGluie contributor, @rrrbzn. 🙂

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