Card Captor Sakura New Manga Release Announced

It was announced a month or so ago that a new manga will be released for the 20th year of Card Captor Sakura. AND we finally have a release date! Or month, whichever! Yay!

I wrote about the announcement in a previous blog post but then it was just letting people know that Kodansha‘s Nakayoshi will be publishing a new manga project with CLAMP for the 20th year of Card Captor Sakura.

But we finally have a release month! So Card Captor fans can expect that the series will be premiering its newest chapter this June 2016! According to, the story will be set when Sakura is in her first year of junior high, after graduating from Tomoeda Elementary School. Nothing much about the story has been revealed but simple plot lines like Sakura having a significant dream plus an incident happening in real life have been shared to the public.


Makes me wonder if they’ll push through with the love story between Sakura and Syaoran now that they’re a wee bit older. Wee bit. LOL. Junior high school kids in Japan are still pretty young. I’m worried, why couldn’t they have put them in high school already? Then, it’d be a bit more legal? LOL. Just my two cents.

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