Hole in One with Eagle Fantasy Golf, Now on iOS!

Free to play for those aspiring to be the next Tiger Woods (LOL), Eagle Fantasy Golf makes its way to iOS devices after its successful launch with Android smartphones last January 2016!

I used to go to the driving range with my dad when I was a little girl so golf isn’t such a strange sport to me. It’s interesting because now you can actually play virtual golf (and get cute designs for characters, too!) with Eagle Fantasy Golf! The game is developed and published by Aiming Inc, a Japanese gaming company and is called スマホでゴルフ! ぐるぐるイーグル in Japan. 🙂


Apparently the controls are simple and easy to use. And well, if the art is any indication, there are RPG elements integrated within the game such as single-player story quest, team events, character development and customization. There are over 600 outfits and equipment that you can enhance and you can customize your character to your heart’s content.



Beginner Friendly – You don’t have to be a pro to master Eagle’s controls. Even players new to golf will find an experience that’s both thrilling and fun.
Avatar Customization – Collect, mix and match over 600 outts including swimsuits, fantasy apparels and unique costumes from the wild to the stylish.
Pick Up and Go – Matches are short and fun. Waiting in line at the bus stop? Need something to do while waiting for your appointment? Eagle’s easy gameplay lends itself well for short gameplay sessions.

So if you’re the type to play sports on mobile, why not give Eagle Fantasy Golf a try? You can view their website to know more. 🙂

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