Zone4 SEA Launches Aug. 8, 2016

Hold on to your horses, guys, because Playpark Inc. has just announced the official release date for street-fighting game, Zone4 SEA. Check out the details that we have for you!

We are happy to announce its official release on August 8, 2016. Expect a more competitive battleground as Zone4 SEA opens its gates officially to all users who wish to be part of the search for the next street-fighting legend!

Commercial Game Release Details:
 Game Servers will open at 12:00pm (GMT+8)
 Game data will no longer be wiped after the official launch.
 The Cash Shop will be opened and gamers can purchase Game Cash via Playmall

Zone4 official game launch on August 8

Er, I’m not one for competitive, fighting games, haha! But we’ll see if any of the characters’ aesthetics appeal to me. I’m a sucker for pretty girls (and guys, LOL). HAHAHA. So if you guys are more of into fighting games and willing to try out something new, you can check out Zone4 SEA.

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