Fitness App KFit Helps You Set & Achieve Wellness Goals!

I have to admit, I am a very lazy bum. … If this blog is any indication of my pastimes and hobbies, I’m always wondering about how to keep healthy and fit! And I am honestly not doing a every good job of it, HAHA!

Well, lucky for us all, there’s a new mobile app in town that’ll help us set and achieve fitness goals – KFit! (Read more on how to get up to Php400 off on your first month, courtesy of Globe Telecom!)

As an avid gamer, I spend hours and hours playing video games and consume mass amounts of online media. … The attention I give to gaming kind of makes it hard for me to concentrate on pretty much anything else (aka Real Life, LOL) so I have a very short attention span and I get bored really easily.


KFit is a pretty interesting app in that it gives you variety. It gives you access to a huge range of activities, not only for fitness or working out, but also spas and salons! You can simply choose to purchase individual activities or opt for the monthly KFit Pass, which gives you up to 10 fitness activities per month, for only Php 999!

This is really quite a lifesaver for the lazy, easily-bored me who really hates to work out. I try to “work out” but by try I mean I just run around my village 2-3x a week in a pathetic attempt to say that I do cardio. HAHAHA. KFit gives you so much more than your average workouts at the gym or studios. You’re also given access to badminton courts, tennis courts, EVEN SWIMMING POOLS!

It also takes into consideration your location, which is NIFTY because if you find yourself in QC (sorry, QC is far from me, HAHA) one day and bored out of your wits, you can just take KFit out for a spin and see what activity you can do near you!

And to make things better, Globe Telecom customers get Php 400 off on your FIRST KFit Pass. All you need to do is type in “TAKEMETHERE” when you first sign-up for the app.


To learn more about KFit and how you can start setting your fitness goals, visit or download the KFit app. For more information on Globe and its latest products and services, visit

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