Freshlook & Air Optix Gives the Gift of Color This Christmas

FreshLook and Air Optix offers the perfect gift for cosplayers and those who love a pop of color with the launch of their FreshLook and Air Optix Colors Gift Certificate, available only til December 31, 2016!

My love affair with contact lenses began a long time ago, back when I was still in high school. I had been wearing glasses all my life and all of a sudden, my mom wanted to get me my first pair of clear contact lenses LOL. And the rest, well, is history!

FreshLook is actually very near and dear to my heart. They were the first brand of colored contacts that I begged my dad to buy me for my birthday. They’re the ones I first used when I started cosplay, back when Korean contact lenses weren’t a popular thing, haha!


And throughout the years, they’re a brand that I continue to go back to!


So, we’re all in luck because this December, they’re launching the FreshLook and Air Optix Colors Gift Certificate which offers our favorite colored lenses at up to 25% off!

FreshLook® will now only be @ Php 896.00/pair instead of Php 1,195.00 and AIR OPTIX® COLORS will now only be Php 1,121.00/pair instead of Php 1,495.00.  GCs are available until December 31, 2016. Redemption is valid until January 31, 2017.



I AM planning to hoard some as soon as my pay comes in, LOL. I’m so excited. I’m thinking of getting grey and blue pairs again, haha!

You can also check out the participating optical clinics at the FreshLook FB Page and the Air Optix FB Page! 🙂

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