Join PlayPark’s First Esports Event for MU – MU Lords

Join PlayPark's First Esports Event for MU - MU Lords

For MU fans who have been clamoring for esports to finally be part of the popular MMORPG, the wait is over as PlayPark announces the first esports event ever for MU – MU Lords.

MU Lords is an international esports tournament event for MU that will not only cover the Philippines, but other Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

From December 2020 until January 2021, MU players and guilds who have been taking their PVP skills to the next level will finally be able to clash against each other for a chance to represent the country in MU Lords.

“This is the first time an international esports event will happen to MU. This is a big part of MU’s history, because we are finally able to tell the stories of our top players to a bigger audience. We have been coordinating with other participating countries to make sure the first-ever MU Lords is going to be an exciting experience for the whole community,” shared Dan Imperial, Product Manager for PlayPark MU.

Join PlayPark's First Esports Event for MU - MU Lords

The event’s qualifiers will begin on Sunday, December 6, 2020 with four different categories. With over Php 300,000 worth of cash and in-game items at stake, the glorious first-ever MU Lord Champion title is up for grabs in the PlayPark Allstar 2020 Championship that will happen in Q1 of 2021.

Fans can even catch the matches streamed online and casted by veteran MU casters such as KalboGaming and GhostCODEX, both known for regularly casting Arka War, Tower of Power, and other weekly MU PH tournaments for the community.

Registration is now open! But make sure to read and imbibe all tournament rules and regulations. To know more, follow the official MU Philippines Facebook page! 🙂

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