Raising Digital Cacti with Viridi

Because my hardcore gaming life has come to a complete standstill (currently no mood or drive to play anything, LOL), I found myself gravitating towards this cute, uber simple indie game named Viridi where your main objective is to raise succulents. Crazy. I know.

Viridi was created by Ice Water Games and is available on PC (Steam powered) and on mobile (for iOS and Android).

First things first, you gotta name your pot. … As you can see, I’m greatly influenced by the games that I play, LOL. Well, you gotta name what you gotta name, hahaha!


Then, you’re given a choice on your pot design. You gotta choose the best place to house your babies, of course, as they’re gonna be with you for AWHILE. LOL.


Then you choose your “starter set” – a pre-selected bunch of succulents of different varieties. So you just pick which set aesthetically appeals to you more.


The seeds of the set you choose are automatically planted on the pot, but you can rearrange things later on. You spritz them with water, de-weed their surroundings, and watch them grow. There is also a little snail that circles your pot. Dunno really what he does there and what he’s for. :))

Just a tip, be careful not to “overwater” your cacti or they will probably die. And all your hard work will disappear along with your hopes and dreams. LOL. Kidding.


Viridi allows you to purchase seeds for a few cents each in their Nursery, so you can choose to add more succulents to your pot. They also give out free, totally random, seeds every week. Since I’m a big cheapskate, I just wait for the free seeds and hope I get a good one. LOL.


The game comes with music, soft, zen, spa-ish music that you can listen to while, say, you’re working on something on your desktop and need a little peace of mind. But I personally am not fond of the tunes, so I just shut it off and wait for my little cacti to sprout and grow, HAHA.

Here is my pot after several weeks (weeks!!!?!!!) of careful, albeit a little irresponsible, tending and organizing (I tend to forget them for a few days but no matter, cacti are sturdy little greenies).


In conclusion, Viridi is super simple and kind of refreshing. It’s all about the zen, you know. I honestly have no idea why I decided to pick this up. Maybe it’s my innate need to look for anything related to plants *coughHarvestMooncough*. Who knows.

This game is definitely not for the impatient. So I wouldn’t recommend it for those who want instant gratification. It’s meant for those who like the simple fulfillment of growing your plants in real time, albeit digitally.

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