OMGluie Hair Dye Review: Arctic Fox Sterling Silver

Much delayed but without further ado, I give you guys a short hair dye review (with pictures) of my recent hair adventure using one of Arctic Fox‘s newest colors, Sterling Silver!

So I dyed my hair last September 3 at Azta Urban Salon (you can check out the blog/vlog over HERE) and right before leaving for my Japan trip, around September 28 or 29, I re-dyed my hair. I ordered my 8 fl. oz bottle from Rainbow Head PH because I’ve heard some good reviews regarding the longevity and pigmentation of their dyes. Uh, though nothing about the Sterling Silver because it’s relatively new. :))

So, here are the before photos!




If you’re planning to turn your hair grey, please don’t use the Wella 050 Cooling Violet. My hair turned into this light brown ash blonde only after a couple of weeks. It only faded into this blonde/ash color because I’ve been maintaining it with a bunch of purple/silver shampoos. Otherwise, it would just have been a weird murky green color. Ew. Haha.

So, let’s get onto the actual coloring process! Here are my color essentials: coloring tools (mixing bowl and tinting brush), hair color/dye, and of course, white conditioner, to dilute the pigment!


This is what the Arctic Fox in Sterling Silver looks like without any mixing/dilution:



The Sterling Silver hair dye doesn’t look very pigmented but it smells AWESOME. Like a grape-flavored candy, lol. It is also very smooth and runny, so be careful not to slosh it around. HAHAHA.

Then, here’s what I did: I mixed the grey dye with some white conditioner (doesn’t matter which brand) and a little bit of my favorite purple dye, the Special Effects in Wildflower, which is a very blue-based purple.



And here is the final color that I used. It’s like a dusky lavender! It looks nice in the bowl, but I actually didn’t know how it would turn out, haha!


Then, of course, you have to apply it to your head full of hair, HAHAHA.



And then, tada! Here are the results on semi-dried hair!



As you can see, it clearly isn’t blonde-ish anymore. LOL. Although it could’ve been darker. I really wanted it to be darker. And there were some random spots that didn’t take the dye!


I think I may have diluted the grey dye a bit too much, but that’s why I added in a little bit of the SFX Wildflower. Haha! It’s okay though, you really kind of do these things as an experiment to find out which dye really works the best for the hair color you want.

My final thoughts? Well, in terms of pigment, if you’re looking to go a darker grey, Arctic Fox’s Sterling Silver might not be the one for you. Even when I added color, the dye didn’t kick in as well as I wanted to. Although I guess I didn’t have the perfect base to start with. In terms of color duration, it’s common knowledge that grey hair is one of the hardest to maintain. This color faded back into the light brown color after around 4-5 washes. HAHA.

My advice, if you still want to go grey, is to bleach your hair (up to Level 9-10 if you can), tone it with the Wella T18 Lightest Ash Blonde, and then dye over it with a grey color (Arctic Fox in Sterling Silver for that really platinum stainless steel grey or Ion Color Brilliance in Titanium if you want the darker kind).

Just a reminder though that you can’t expect any grey dye to last more than 10 washes. It just really doesn’t stay that long. :))

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