OMGluie Hair Dye Review: Ion Color Brilliance in Titanium

I’m back with another hair dye review and this time I’m trying out Ion Color Brilliance Semi Permanent Hair Color in Titanium! Yay!

It’s been a month or so since I last dyed my hair. I retouched it using this exact same dye back when I got home from Japan but I completely forgot to take photos because. Reasons. LOL. So when I decided to get my roots bleached again, I figured it’d be better to show you guys how this particular color reacts to newly bleached and previously bleached hair. 🙂

I went to my new favorite hair colorist and stylist Ms. Lyn of Azta Urban Salon in SM Jazz Residences in Makati to have my roots bleached. And boy, do they do a good job! Here’s what it looks like right after around three rounds of bleaching.


I’m actually always surprised how good Azta Urban Salon is. They really know what they’re doing! They tried to not touch the remaining grey color that was in my hair but fading it out is almost inevitable.

But let’s fast forward to two days later and here I am, prepping to dye my hair again. I bought my tubes of Ion Color Brilliance from DIY Hair PH on Facebook/Instagram for Php 550 each! I usually purchase my hair dye from RainbowHeadPH but this particular color was out of stock. (These are my top two local sellers for hair color maintenance, btw, if you’re interested, haha!)



The Ion Color Brilliance is a Semi-Permanent Dye. You don’t need to mix it with peroxide or developer, it just goes on your hair as is! 🙂



The dye itself is particularly dark and thick. It smells a little chemical-y even if it doesn’t contain ammonia or peroxide but nothing too harsh that’ll make your eyes water, haha. It’s a little hard to spread around and it has a nice metallic violet sheen to it. It’s not at all grey as compared to the Arctic Fox in Sterling Silver.

But, you know, being the frugal girl that I am, even though I bought two tubes of dye, I still mixed this with white conditioner. LOL. So I ended up with this particular shade.


Which… did not end up as dark as I wanted. Again. HAHAHAHA. OMG, when will I ever learn??? :))

Anyway, before I actually put the dye on my hair, I washed it with Clairol Shimmer Lights Conditioning Shampoo to give it a good rinse (I hadn’t washed it in two days and it had a build up of all the products I use to maintain my hair’s integrity after I put it through horrible bleaching processes, LOL.) so it ended up looking paler than before.


Anyway, I’m sure y’all are wondering what the dye ended up looking like on my hair, HAHA. So, here it is! TADA~



The above photos were taken around 4PM with still a little bit of sunlight in my room. You can see that it’s really a grey tone now! It actually looks better in person! I’m so sad my camera can’t photograph it properly, huhu!

Now, the photos below were taken around 9PM with only the fluorescent lights in my room, hehe.



So. What are my learnings from this particular effort of dye-ing my hair grey again? Well, I think I should stop over-diluting my product just because I’m stingy. LOL. Even then, I think the color turned out nicely. And it is a very noticeable grey as compared to my previous dye job with the Arctic Fox Sterling Silver, LOL.

I’m liking this particular dye, though. It’s not extremely expensive and it’s very pigmented. … I did use one and a half tubes of dye, even if it was mixed with white conditioner, so if you have long hair, it’ll still cost you a pretty penny, haha!

I’m not totally sure how long this will last. I’m giving it a guess of around 8-10 washes or around 1 month before I need to touch the color up again. But I’m not sure if I’ll be keeping the grey hair, I might go back to violet/purple soon, haha! … Or maybe rose gold? Who knows! What do you guys think? 🙂

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  1. Hi. I currently have dark gray hair and it’s kind of fading to a light brown color. I was wondering if I need to reapply bleach all over my hair or would just putting dye on top of it for a retouch be okay. I’m scared my hair will not take the color. Lol. Thank you so much!

    • Ideally, reapplying bleach will help make sure you have a blank slate to work with for your new dye to kick in. This is also since I’m not sure how light your hair is.

      Usually when my hair fades from its dark grey color, it turns a white-ish pale blonde color, so it’s ok to just reapply whatever dark grey dye I have.

      So I’m really sorry I can’t help that much, best you can do is do a strand test on your hair to see if the dye will absorb into your hair. Otherwise, would reco bleaching it again. Hope that helps! 🙂

  2. Hi.

    I have one tube of the same shade (titanium) and the aqua one. I currently have a reddish/brown/pink hair which was the last dye I had after it was bleached. Do you think it will work? I was planning on removing my hair color first, then bleaching. Use purple shampoo or dye it with light blue/purple shade before the the titanium. Does that make sense? LOL. Heard purple cancels brassy parts and the yellowish of the bleached hair

    • Hi Bee,

      Thanks so much for your comment! I’ve never actually tried dye-ing over brown hair (or other colored hair) with grey dye so I can’t say I have much to reco since I have limited experience with it. I’d recommend to have the bleach job done first to make sure you have an even, light base for the dye to stick to.

      As for using purple shampoo, I’ve tried 3 brands already (Clairol, GWP, and L’oreal) and I can’t say they remove brassiness to the point of your hair turning white, unless you’ve used a toner like the Wella T18 which makes you really icy platinum blonde. Then, your hair will actually have a slight purple-ish tone because of the shampoo. But if you don’t use a toner, it just helps refresh and brighten grey/blonde hair (not really tone it, haha!).

      For dyeing your hair a blue/purple shade before adding the Titanium dye, you CAN do this but I don’t know if it will cancel out brassiness or tone your hair. I’ve dyed my hair lavender (diluted purple dye with conditioner) over my faded grey (turned white) hair, then dyed it back to grey after a couple of washes and it just turns out the same with Ion Titanium.

      Sorry, my thoughts are all over the place but really, I think Ion Titanium is a pretty strong grey dye so the color WILL show up, even if you don’t have a Level 10 base. My hair is usually bleached to a Level 9 but it does show up on Level 8s. 🙂 Let me know if this answers your question! 🙂

  3. Hi! I love making my hair grey with wella 050 after bleaching, but since it fades so quickly and is damaging I’ve been wanting to try a grey semi permanent dye in between my bleach/tone/wella processes. Your reviews on all these different grey dyes have been the most helpful I’ve found! I’m thinking the ion titanium is the route I’ll go since Iike a darker grey. I’m wondering about the fading you personally experienced. How many washes did this one stay at least noticeably grey for you? Did you have any extreme pastel green/minty green at any point? I don’t mind a small tinge of all over green, just not outright green like I’ve seen happen to others sometimes from grey and purple semi permanents! Thanks a lot!

    • Hi! So sorry for the late reply!! Ion stayed on up to 2-3 weeks depending on how many washes you do. I used to wash my hair every other day and use dry shampoo on days in between. I’ve never experienced having my hair turn green unless I stop using purple shampoo. 🙂 I think the hair dye that turned out the “most green”, because it never really was, was the Lunar Tides one. Hope that helps! 🙂

      • Thanks for the reply, good to know! Based on your awesome grey dye reviews I actually bought the ion titanium and dyed my hair with it last night. I love how dark it turned out even with a diluting ratio of 1 ounce of conditioner for every tube of dye. But I should’ve gotten three tubes instead of two. Well, I know for next time. Dry shampoo and purple shampoo are my best friends for sure!

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